To make changes to the law, it’s important to get in touch with your local lawmakers. You should tell them how a new law would impact you, the people who buy from you, the people who work for you, and the place you live. Call them a lot because they will listen to what their voters have to say.

Act Now! 📢 This is a critical moment and your voice is needed more than ever! Engage directly with your representatives – explore Find Your Legislator this instant and reach out without delay! Your involvement can make a real difference! Do not wait – your participation is pivotal. 🌟

As representatives of OKABA Members who operate body shops, we strongly urge legislators to consider casting a vote in opposition to the proposed measure. **** VOTE NO!!! ******

Your OKABA Legislative Committee is working hard right now (Jan – June 2024) to ask for these bills to be amended (SB1741) and/or rewritten (SB1853). SB1741 will now proceed to a Senate Vote of 48…we need 25 to understand that this is not in the best interest of the consumer and can cause delays in payouts of total loss charges and to VOTE NO!! SB1853 will present itself again, likely under a different title or added in with another bill. Keep an eye on this one as it may sneak back in to play at any time.


Senator Paxton has agreed to “strike title” on SB1741. It will pass, but cannot become a bill until it has beed revised. He has agreed to meet with OKABA members and insurance representatives to see if we can come to some agreement that still protects the consumer and is fair to shops and insurance companies. This is a positive step. If an agreement cannot be reached, then we still reserve the right to lobby against it, so stay tuned…


We met with Senator Paxton and insurance representatives regarding SB1741. We expressed our concerns that if total loss vehicles are not being processed in a timely manner with current storage rates, and the rates in SB1741 which are at least 1/3 less than the state average are imposed, it will only extend the amount of time until consumers are reimbursed. OKABA Legislative board consensus does not believe we came to an agreement and therefore we will continue to VOTE NO on SB1741. Even if you already sent it to your legislators, please send it again as this bill is still in play.

You can sign up for an account and track these bills using the LENS system through the state.